NOTE: This website is not a complete listing of properties that we have researched or that are available to our clients.
However the properties shown here are not necessarily available. They may be sold by the time you see them here.
These property images are intended as examples of the type and location of properties that we recommend as investment quality.
With 20 years of experience, we do not recommend cheap properties in poor locations (even if some form of Govt incentive is available) because historically they have shown to have lower capital growth over the long term and have a higher incidence of poor quality tenants (that may damage property and might not pay the rent... as seen on TV).
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We are currently researching a number of development site in:

Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

And we hope to have properties to recommend early in the new year
Our Goldern Rules:
Good investment is all about "Location, Price and Timing"
First it must be a good investment location... with reasons to grow in value
Then the price must be right...
It must be in the right phase of the property cycle...
And only then consider any incentives... like Govt Grants or Stamp Duty Savings

We'll find the right investment property for you...
and show you how to structure it for you to make maximum profit.

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