Price and Location are 2 fundamentals of good property investment…
but most people don't consider all of the other factors that are just as important:

Supply and demand:- 
Often properties are marketed to investors on the basis of a strong demand eg in areas where first home buyers buy. But first home buyer areas often have virtually unlimited supply. That means that there will be little upward pressure put on prices in the future.

The Demographics of an area:-
First home buyers are the ones most affected by downturns in the economy. Hence they may need to sell all at the same time putting downward pressure on prices. That happens too frequently, Mitsubishi, Holdens and Ford closures are recent examples. There are other demographic factors to be considered, yet good demographics areas are often overlooked by investors.

Economics and employment: -

Existing Infrastructure and infrastructure spending: -

Amenities: -

Transportation: -

Historic Growth: -

Cash-Flow: -
The rental yield, interest rates, your income and tax position and any cash or Govt incentives that can be claimed.

* What is likely to change in any of the above to cause a differnet outcome in the next 10 years

There is a lot more to consider than just "does it look good?"
Here at IPF we consider all of the factors… before we recommend a property or location to our clients!


Leveraging the power of a buyers group is the easiest & safest way to avoid costly investment mistakes or scams.

Because we have been doing this for over 10 years Developers come to us to help them sell their properties. They offer our clients substantial discounts (particluarly in tough times) because they dont have to pay for advertising with the usual Real Estate Agents system.

You can also tap into the knowledge & experience of other investors within our group to find highly profitable investment strategies.

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